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This feature of our website will permit you to keep track of your bowling league(s) online. You will be able to create up to five (5) league profiles and then enter game stats (3 game sets) for each week that your league bowls. You will be given an opportunity to record data such as: league names, bowling center names, location, lanes bowled, scores, and game/week specific notes.

Once you enter your weekly scores you will see all sorts of great stats like your current weekly average, weekly series, an average to date, pins to date, pins over average series, high game, low game, high series, low series, and the number of games which fit into a certain range. You will also have a chance to share your league information with other members or if you prefer you can keep your leagues private. You can also choose to automatically display a high score and average from a chosen league in every post you make here on the Bowlers Den Bowling Forum.

Below you see shared public stats of our members which detail the high scores and a summary of all public leagues for the current week. Add your leagues and your scores this week and get listed, its as easy as pie and best of all - its free!

Top Ten Scores This Week
Username League Name Score Date
Weekly League Summary
High Game Low Game High Series Low Series 150's 200's 250's 300's 500's 600's 700's 800's

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